Sara Golembiewski

Robert Montgomery is an artist whom expresses himself through poetry, yet utilizes non-traditional methods of doing so. His work is done through installations, billboards, and other large areas. His wording and prose is so beautiful and thought provoking. The pieces are large and attention grabbing and are displayed in a  very public matter. The poems are displayed in public areas because he wants to draw in people, and make them question and think instead of being fed things through the media. Montgomery’s work is never signed or anything, so when you come across these pieces it’s almost shocking and leaves you wondering where it came from and makes you think a bit about your surroundings and the world we inhabit.

A quote from Mono.Kultur which is an interview magazine based in Berlin, Germany really struck me, “Robert has an amazing way with words. You can instantly relate to his general unease with our modern life – but his works are also open-ended enough for you to bring in your own emotions and experience. They never preach, but rather want to communicate with you – to make you stop in your tracks, and to look at things in a different light.” I loved how they described his artwork because it genuinely is how I felt when viewing his work. I’m a huge fan of installations and poetry and this was a perfect blend of both. I also would love to see some of his work in person someday since the photographs don’t do art work justice usually. I strongly assert that questioning your surroundings is very important, it seems all too simple nowadays to accept things as they are and creativity seems to have dwindled in some ways and Montgomery’s work breaks that train of thought with me entirely.

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